Jet Engine Parts Castings

Bescast delivers unparalleled expertise in high-precision jet engine parts castings. We meticulously tailor our advanced investment casting services to produce complex, durable, lightweight components critical for optimal jet engine performance. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and processes, Bescast ensures every turbine engine parts casting meets the stringent requirements of modern aerospace applications.

Advanced Jet Engine Parts Castings

We harness cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the investment casting process for jet engine parts. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced 3D prototyping, precision investment casting, and intensive inspection systems, ensuring each jet engine parts casting meets exact specifications. 

The investment casting process begins with a highly detailed wax model, which is then encased in a ceramic shell. Once the wax is melted away, molten metal is poured into the mold, producing intricate, durable, and lightweight castings that are integral to the performance and reliability of modern jet engines. By continually innovating and refining our techniques, Bescast stands at the forefront of aerospace casting technology.

When you choose Bescast to cast your turbine engine components, you get the benefit of:

High-Dimensional Accuracy and Detail

Precision investment casting achieves exceptionally tight tolerances, often within ±0.005 inches, and even finer for smaller components. This level of accuracy is essential for jet engine parts, where even the slightest deviation in size or shape can impact the plane's performance and safety.

Versatility and Complex Geometries

Unlike other casting techniques, high-precision investment casting can easily accommodate intricate designs, including undercuts, slots, holes, and other detailed features required for the parts of a turbine engine. This adaptability allows for the production of specialized, custom parts necessary for advanced aerospace technology.

Quality and Reliability

The investment casting process minimizes surface defects and internal porosities, reducing the need for extensive machining and finishing. This results in highly reliable components, which are crucial in the aerospace industry, where failure can have catastrophic consequences.

Reduced Assembly Operations

The process of investment casting yields minimal surface defects and internal porosities, which means the finished parts require less machining and finishing — saving time and resources. This leads to a high level of component reliability, which is paramount in the military and defense industries, where failure could lead to catastrophic outcomes.

The Best Materials for Your Jet Engine Parts Castings

Bescast utilizes a range of advanced materials to ensure our jet engine parts castings meet the highest aerospace standards. Our expertise in stainless steel and nickel-based alloys allows us to produce components that excel in high-temperature environments and exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Castings

Our stainless steel castings are renowned for their durability, strength, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion, making them ideal for aerospace applications where components are exposed to harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Stainless steel's ability to maintain structural integrity under stress ensures our castings contribute to the overall reliability and safety of jet engines.

Nickel-Based Castings

Nickel-based alloys are another cornerstone of our material offerings. Known for their superior high-temperature capabilities, these alloys can withstand the intense heat generated within jet engines without compromising performance. Additionally, nickel-based castings offer excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion, which is critical for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of aerospace components.

We carefully engineer our stainless steel and nickel-based castings to meet stringent aerospace standards. Our exacting quality control processes ensure that each casting adheres to your precise specifications. By choosing the right materials for each application, we guarantee that our jet engine parts castings not only meet but exceed the expectations for performance, reliability, and durability demanded by jet engines.

Top-Notch Jet Engine Parts Casting Capabilities

Investment casting offers a highly effective approach for producing jet engine parts, delivering unmatched precision, adaptability, cost-efficiency, and reliability. As a premier aerospace manufacturer, Bescast excels in utilizing this sophisticated manufacturing technique to meet the rigorous requirements of contemporary aerospace technology.

We're certified to AS9100 Rev D, ensuring compliance with the highest aerospace standards. Our other certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Nadcap
  • Heat treatment
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) (radiography & penetrant)
  • Welding

We employ state-of-the-art casting simulation software and CAD CAM technologies to rapidly create prototypes and validate engineered castings. Our end-to-end manufacturing and logistics capabilities ensure a streamlined production process, delivering high-precision jet engine parts castings under one roof. You can rely on our outstanding range of capabilities, including:

Design, Prototyping, and Engineering Support

Bescast offers expert engineering services at every phase of a product's lifecycle. Beyond creating castings to exact client specifications, we provide design and development support. We can quickly transition from a design blueprint to a 3D prototype using advanced engineering tools. Our CAD CAM services and casting software allow us to accurately simulate and verify all manufacturing processes.

ProCast Software Utilization

A renowned simulation tool in product design and process development, Procast enhances casting quality and yield for turbine engine parts. It uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate casting processes with high precision, offering deeper insights into solidification.

With powerful cutting-edge features developed with leading research institutes, ProCast is a comprehensive and precise casting software solution that fulfills the demands of the military and defense industries. Compared to traditional methods, ProCast is an essential tool in engineered castings, reducing manufacturing expenses, shrinking mold development time and enhancing the quality of the casting process. Less than 13% of global casting firms have access to this invaluable casting simulation software.

Jet Engine Parts Casting in Action

Bescast's involvement in developing the LEAP engine exemplifies our expertise in jet engine parts castings. See how our contributions made a difference in this cutting-edge technology.


Manufacturing Capacity

• 75,000 ft2 manufacturing facility

• 10,000 ft engineering and customer service

• 200+ full-time employees

Bescast's Current Facility

Alloys Currently Poured on a Production Basis


• 15-5PH

• 17-4PH

• 300 Series

• 400 Series


• MM509

• L605  

• X40 (S31)  

• WI-52

Nickel (vacuum)

• HastX

• IN100  

• IN625

• IN713

• IN718  

• IN738

• IN792

• MM247

• R77

• R80

• R125

• U500

Quality Certifications

• ISO9001:2015

• AS9100 Rev D

• Nadcap

• Heat Treat

• NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) (Radiography & Penetrant)

• Welding

Approved Supplier To:

• Advanced Atomization Technologies
• Collins Aerospace
• Eaton Corporation
• GE Aviation
• Parker Hannifin

• Pratt Whitney Canada
• Prat Whitney America
• Rolls Royce N.A.    
• Siemens Energy
• Solar Turbines

• Woodward

Frequently Asked Questions About Jet Engine Parts Castings

As a trusted member of the $129.5 billion metal casting market, Bescast has a wealth of knowledge to share about jet engine parts castings.

What Are the Benefits of Using Investment Casting for Jet Engine Parts Compared to Other Methods?

Investment casting offers several benefits over other methods, including the ability to produce highly intricate designs with tight tolerances, which are crucial for jet engine components. This process also allows for using a wide range of materials, including those with high-temperature and corrosion-resistant properties. Additionally, investment casting minimizes surface defects and internal porosities, reducing the need for extensive machining and finishing and ultimately leading to more reliable and cost-effective components.

Can Bescast Handle Custom Designs and Specific Requirements for Jet Engine Parts?

Yes, we can handle custom designs and specific requirements for jet engine parts. Our expert engineering team provides design and development assistance, utilizing advanced CAD CAM services and casting simulation software to accurately simulate and verify all manufacturing procedures. This enables us to create tailored components that meet each client's unique performance needs.

How Do You Ensure the Quality and Reliability of Your Castings?

We ensure the quality and reliability of our castings through rigorous quality control processes, including non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as radiography and penetrant testing. Additionally, we hold certifications such as AS9100 Rev D, which attest to our commitment to meeting stringent aerospace standards.

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Trust Your Jet Engine Parts Castings to Bescast

Bescast delivers the light weight, durability, and reliability your jet engine parts castings require. You can depend on us for high-quality, high-precision turbine engine components. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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